Erasmus House & Beguinage

Visit one of the oldest Gothic houses in Brussels and enjoy a journey back in time in the Anderlecht Beguinage.

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New temporary exhibition

The ceramist duo FAste (Caroline Andrin and Étienne Fleury) will be taking over the rooms of Erasmus House to offer an interpretation of Erasmus’s Adagia in sculpture form.
This first-of-its-kind exhibition, called Make Haste Slowly, in reference to one of the 4151 sayings, unveils a series of ceramic works almost all of which were created for the event.
Together, they create a link with the famous humanist’s writings and thinking in a singular and resolutely novel way. With this artistic proposition, the artistic duo FAste opens the door to a field of research that few have explored to date.

Visit these timeless places in Brussels

The Erasmus House and the Beguinage are two of the oldest municipal museums in Belgium. With the collegiate church of Saint Peter and Saint Guidon, they form an exceptional historical complex. This ensemble reflects the glorious past of the commune of Anderlecht which experienced considerable development from the Middle Ages, due in part to the cult of Saint Guidon, the patron saint of cattle.

Options for schools

The Erasmus House and Beguinage Museums provide an opportunity to approach history via current concerns such as censorship, freedom of expression, the place of women in society, the coexistence of religions and the question of European and national identity.

Difficilia quæ pulchra

Beautiful things are difficult

Erasmus, Adagium n° 1012 (II, I, 12)


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