Renaissance Libraries and Collections

FISIER organizes 5 sessions with member associations to be devoted to Renaissance Libraries and Collections following of Montreal 2011 sessions.

All communications will be published by Droz, Geneva, under the title Les Labyrinthes de l'esprit. Rosanna Gorris-Camos and Alexandre Vanautgaerden have agreed to edit the volume.

The Library of Montaigne (dir. Philip Ford, IANLS)

The Library of Rabelais (Claude La Charité, CSRS-SCER)

Bibliothèques en feu (dir. Rosanna Gorris-Camos, Gruppo di Studi sul Cinquecento francese)

The Encyclopaedic Library (dir. Ingrid De Smet, Univ. of Warwick, Center for the Study of the Renaissance)

Library architecture and organisation (dir. John O'Brien, SFDES)

Cambridge, Clare College
17-19 september 2012


Inernational Association of Neo-Latin Studies (IANLS)
Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies - Société canadienne d'Études de la Renaissance (CSRS-SCER)
Center for the Study of the Renaissance, University of Warwick
Grupo di studio sul Cinquecento francese, Verona
Société française d'études de la Renaissance (SFDES)

Clare College

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