Forum for Renaissance Studies

The international network on Renaissance: the Origins of Modernity aims to coordinate Danish research within the field of Renaissance studies and to develop relations with Renaissance institutes and individual scholars abroad.
The organizers are:
Associate professor Jens Høyrup, Section for Philosophy and Science Studies, University of Roskilde, email:
Associate professor Hannemarie Ragn Jensen, Institute of Art History, University of Copenhagen, email:
Associate professor Marianne Pade, Institute for Greek and Latin, University of Copenhagen (coordinator), email:
Associate professor Lene Waage Petersen, Department of Romance Languages, University of Copenhagen, email:

The Forum for Renaissance Studies is an interdisciplinary group of scholars from the University of Copenhagen. Since 1984 it has organized seminars and conferences, and published the series "Renaissance studier". The latest publication, "Avignon & Naples. Italy in France - France in Italy in the Fourteenth Century", contains the papers from a conference held in Rome, January 1995.

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Forum for Renaissance Studies

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