Sounds, messages and micro-stories travel through the garden of the Erasmus house, as pollen floats through air or seeds drop to the grass floor. An ingenious sensory network measures the light intensity, wind flow and the movement of sap streams. Sound artist Christoph De Boeck translates these measurements into sound, by means of financial algorithms like those used by investors on the financial markets. Thus, in Hortus, birdsong and other sounds are remapped according to what seems most profitable at that split second. The garden also resonates with stories by the writer and theatre-maker Patricia Portela, about how we can re-align the imbalance between Man and Nature. 

Inside the Erasmus house, two books about a civilization close to its end are read aloud, accompanied by an orchestra of 25 plants. 
The whole piece creates a circuit that invites us to philosophise while walking, just as the great thinkers did. 

• In his installations, the sound artist Christoph De Boeck approaches sound as a tangible, sometimes even visible medium. Together with deepblue, he has made Closer, You are here, Staalhemel/Steel Sky and other pieces. Patricia Portela is a writer and theatre-maker, of among other things the enthusiastically received The Banquet. Together with Christoph De Boeck, she has previously made The Private Collection of Acácio Nobre, which was shown at Performatik 2011.

concept, sound, electronics Christoph De Boeck | concept, text, image Patrícia Portela | electronics Culture Crew |production Prado & deepblue - Helena Serra, Pedro Pires, Christoph de Boeck | co-production Erasmus House |support ZDB (Lisboa), Maria Matos Teatro Municipal (Lisboa), LIFT Festival – ICA (London), CML – Green Department of Lisbon Town Hall, Festival Van Vlaanderen (Kortrijk), Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke), Kaaitheater (Brussels)

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